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About the Author


Jim Tomtania is currently a segment executive for a major corporate & investment bank, leading the tech sector on the West Coast.  Previously, he was a  Senior Vice President and Senior Treasury Management Consultant with a major bank in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he provided expertise in e-commerce technology, digital transformation and treasury management solutions for commercial/corporate clients.  

Jim holds a master's degree in International Affairs, with a concentration in Decision Making and Policy Analysis. A Pi Sigma Alpha honoree, he earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science with honors from East Carolina University, in addition to studying French Public Law (Droit Public). 

Previously Jim also taught at John F. Kennedy University for 10 years. as adjunct faculty. His academic and professional work include authoring papers for the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, to serving as strategy director and interpreter for several NGOs with short-term projects in, most recently, Haiti and French-speaking Africa.   He is fluent in several foreign languages, including French and German.

When not leading his team or consulting, Jim loves the outdoors and has a passion for music. He also volunteers in his community and abroad with his church and with various non-profit organizations.


  My Expertise


  • Leading and building teams 

  • Treasury Management

  • Business Consulting

  • Strategic Analysis 

  • Global Business Strategy

  • Corporate Efficiency Review

  • Business Sustainability Strategy

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